Privacy Policy

In some areas of our website we ask you to provide information that will enable us to supply you with our services or contact you after your visit. We will also use this information to contact you to advise you of other services that may be of interest to you.

The personal information you provide will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent.

We will respect your personal information and undertake to comply with all applicable UK data protection legislation currently in force, both in respect of the personal information supplied by you on registration or as part of the recruitment process and in respect of any personal information which we may process.

If you completed a registration form on any of our sites, in relation to the information provided by you on registration, you agree that we may use such information in accordance with the purposes for which your information has been obtained on registration.

In relation to the information provided by you on completion of recruitment application forms or other questionnaires, we will hold that information only for the purposes relevant to the form or questionnaire. This may involve communicating the data to a specific client organisation on occasion - if so, the site will make the identity of this client clear. We will not pass on that information to any third party without your consent.

If any of your information changes or if you no longer wish to be registered with us, you can contact us directly from our e-mail contact form. Similarly, if you do not wish to receive marketing material from us, please contact us at the same address.

Under the Data Protection Act you have the right to request details of the information we hold about you. If you would like details about the personal information we hold about you please contact us (full contact details are available from our Contact page).

Cookie usage policy

A 'cookie' is a small file held on your computer that holds information needed by a Website, and we make minimal use of these to help to optimize your experience on our sites. The cookies we use do not store personal information of any kind.

Note that your browser will provide you with the ability to disable cookies if you wish to do so.

Further details of our and your legal obligations and duties can be found at the Information Commissioner's web site