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Personality Types

Personality Types

As part of our personality assessment, we break down personalities into one of twenty-seven different types, and you can see a quick summary of each of those twenty-seven types here. All personalities fall into one of these twenty-seven different types, though of course in reality there's a lot of variety within each of them, and some overlap between similar types. For a fuller view of which of these types apply to your own personality, try a free personality test today. You'll not only find out your own type, but also see a more comprehensive overview of the key features of your individual personality.


Adaptable • Innovative
Quick-thinking • Urgent

Adapters are people who can change their approach as situations develop, adjusting well to new conditions and thinking quickly to find new solutions. People like this have a strong sense of self-motivation and a drive to succeed; they're eager - and often impatient - to see results, and they have the driving and determined attitude to achieve their goals in life.


Deliberate • Patient
Considerate • Dispassionate

Administrators are individuals who are concerned with keeping things working well, and have the patience, caution and attention to detail to excel in this area. People like this are rarely demonstrative or forthright, instead preferring to work behind the scenes to maintain things as well as they can. They have a thoughtful approach and a long-term outlook, making them capable planners and organizers.


Problem-solving • Objective
Self-reliant • Systematic

Architects are practical people, with a focus on organizing others to reach a goal. They can be forceful and direct when required, and they usually have a clear view of what they want to achieve. Architects can be demanding from those around them, expecting colleagues to show the same commitment that they do, but they also have a well developed sense of responsibility and are ready to do what's needed to reach their objectives.


Changeable • Fluid
Developing • Versatile

A Balanced personality profile is one where all the various factors balance each other out, so representing a person with the capacity and potential to develop in many different ways. Balanced personality results might suggest that a person finds themselves in a difficult or unpredictable situation, feeling the need to adapt themselves to changing conditions.


Charismatic • Communicative
Light-hearted • Friendly

Brainstormers are people who work particularly well as part of a group. They're outgoing and confident, and communicate easily with other people, but they also have a more accepting and receptive aspect to their personalities, meaning that they're ready to consider other peoples' points of view. As part of a group they'll tend to take a leading role, but in a positive and accepting way that allows others to make their own contributions.


Analytical • Diplomatic
Factual • Accurate

Consultants are people who are open to change and to finding better ways of doing things. They're interested in understanding how things work, and they're often able to suggest improved ideas or approaches. People like this are not natural leaders, however, and they will often rely on more assertive or communicative individuals to put their ideas across.


Sympathetic • Friendly
Helpful • Trusting

Counselors are open and empathetic people. They are generally friendly and confident in approach, with a strong social element to their style. They're also ready to listen to other people and engage with their ideas, being sympathetic to others feelings and problems. They enjoy building positive relationships with other people on a friendly and positive basis.


Problem-solving • Independent
Efficient • Uncompromising

Designers are people with a problem-solving attitude to life, with the determination and efficiency to address difficulties and to find direct and effective solutions. They have the self-reliance to work independently, and the adaptability to try new solutions or take untried paths in order to reach their goals.


Determined • Commanding
Self-reliant • Objective

Directors are focused individuals, with a distinct view of their goals and the determination to work towards them. They are self-reliant by nature, with a generally forceful and direct attitude that makes them natural leaders and decision-makers. They're ready to take charge of a situation and take direct action to help reach their own goals or the goals of their team.


Accepting • Co-operative
Responsive • Team-oriented

Empathizers, as their name suggests, are both accepting and understanding by nature. They possess little natural ambition or competitiveness, but rather are motivated by positive relationships with those around them. They have a particularly understanding element to their nature making them strong listeners and often useful sources of advice.


Pro-active • Animated
Energetic • Self-confident

Energizers are self-motivated and self-confident people who excel at getting things done. They have the drive and competitive spirit to achieve their goals, but also a more expansive and energetic side that makes them capable communicators and motivators. Both outgoing and determined, other people can find Energizers to be highly persuasive and engaging.


Innovative • Open-minded
Optimistic • Informal

Explorers are people who like to approach life in their own way, being open to new experiences and ready to try new things. Explorers don't feel constrained by tradition or convention, and they have a quick-thinking and open-minded attitude. People like this are generally positive in outlook, and take a broader view of things rather than focusing on minor details.


Practical • Focused
Dependable • Cautious

Finalizers tend to see things in practical, analytical terms. Their combination of dependability and patience means that they are effective problem-solvers, and they have the quiet determination to see most challenges through to the end. They like consistency and predictability, however, and so prefer to avoid pressured or urgent types of situation where they can.


Innovative • Problem-solving
Direct • Self-reliant

Improvisers are determined, adaptable people with a readiness to try unconventional approaches. People like this have a clear sense of their overall goals, and are motivated to find ways to reach those goals if they possibly can. They tend to view matters in broad terms, considering issues more in terms of their overall goals than the detailed steps needed to achieve those goals.


Co-operative • Analytical
Patient • Moderate

Interpreters are cautious, thoughtful types of people who like to take time to understand their situation before acting or making a decision. They'll often prefer to discuss different options and explore different ideas, and they will rarely seek to enforce their own views on others. Interpreters will try to avoid conflict with others, preferring to reach a compromise whenever possible.


Energetic • Determined
Dynamic • Enthusiastic

Motivators have plenty of personal drive in their personalities, combined with a naturally outgoing and animated attitude that helps them communicate that sense of personal motivation to others. People with this kind of approach are strong team players, bringing others together and enthusing them to work as a group towards a goal.


Harmonious • Planning
Generous • Tolerant

Observers are receptive types of people, open to other people. They're accepting of others' feelings and ideas, and slow to make judgments. Naturally patient people, Observers are prepared to allow events to develop around them, and will rarely take direct or pro-active action of their own. People like this prefer not to feel pressured into action, instead working steadily to their own timescales.


Organized • Communicative
Coordinating • Structured

Organizers are people with a natural ability to work in structured and orderly ways, but combine this with a positive and communicative outlook. This combination of personality features means that they're not only effective organizers in their own right, but they also have the persuasiveness and friendliness to help them coordinate the efforts of other people in a positive and rewarding way.


Determined • Decisive
Driving • Competitive

Originators are people with drive and personal vision, who have a clear idea of what they want to achieve, and the forcefulness of personality to move towards their goals. People like this are good at originating new ideas or new courses of action at a high level, and then bringing together others to take care of the more complex details of their plans. The urgent attitude of Originators means that they tend to operate on an instinctive level.


Expressive • Enthusiastic
Responsive • Original

Presenters are strong and effective communicators, with the confident manner to put forward ideas in an engaging way, and the determination to help them convince others to their point of view. They are open to new ideas, and ready to try new approaches to reach a goal. They also possess an enthusiastic and persuasive attitude that can help them to motivate those around them.


Methodical • Effective
Organized • Focused

Producers are people who concentrate on practical matters. They are generally organized and dependable, and can be relied on to keep their agreements and achieve what they set out to do. They can in fact be remarkably determined or even stubborn when a situation seems to require it. These are focused people, who like to avoid distractions or unplanned changes in circumstance whenever they can.


Determined • Resilient
Persistent • Focused

Proposers are determined people who will stand up for their ideas and ideals in a forceful and persistent way. They can be highly effective in backing a proposal or idea, rarely giving ground in the face of opposition, though this means that they can at times be reluctant to consider ideas or suggestions from other people.


Prepared • Patient
Thoughtful • Considerate

Reviewers are focused and reliable in style, possessing one of the most patient and intent types of personality. They have significant levels of concentration, and though they're not decisive or direct, they're highly effective in planning and in working steadily towards their goals. They'll give deep consideration to the views or ideas of other people, hence the name of this personality type.


Confident • Light-hearted
Expressive • Gregarious

Socializers are outgoing, confident people who connect easily with those around them. People like this are able to express themselves openly and easily with others, and place significant value on positive relations within their social circle. Socializers like to feel that they are appreciated by others, and are at their most motivated where they can communicate freely in a positive and accepting environment.


Personable • Trusting
Confiding • Harmonious

Sympathizers are receptive and considerate in approach, making them effective listeners. Accepting by nature, they are open to others points of view, and ready to help with others' problems if they can. Trusting by nature, Sympathizers prefer to build strong relationships with those around them, and will rarely act without discussing their options first.


Precise • Analytical
Accurate • Organized

Technicians are people with an interest in understanding the inner workings of things. They have an analytical viewpoint, considering things in terms of systems and methods, and like to be sure that they fully understand a situation before they will be ready to commit themselves. People like this work well with complexity and are effective problem solvers, though they can sometimes be seen as dispassionate by others.


Patient • Considerate
Planning • Indirect

Thinkers prefer to consider and plan before committing themselves. They are reluctant to act until they have a full understanding of a situation, and will prefer to take time to ponder and discuss matters. Thinkers are cautious and patient types of people, avoiding direct action where they can, and preferring to avoid major changes unless they are unavoidable.