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Your Free Personality Test will give you a completely free personality report looking at all the most important aspects of your individual personality. The test takes just a few minutes to complete, and is based on industry-standard profiling system, giving you eye-opening insights into your own unique personal style.

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What is it that drives you to behave the way you do? What lies behind your personality? Your Free Personality Test can give you real insights into the motivations and values that lie behind your unique individual style. Take our personality test and explore key features of your personality: communication, leadership, teamwork and much more besides.

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How well does your job suit your personality? Is there a career path out there that would be more rewarding and satisfying, matching your own particular personality needs? Your Free Personality Test can help you find out, exploring the kinds of careers that most closely match your personality style.

Understanding your unique personality

Your Free Personality Test is based on a professional-level personality test that doesn't just fit you into one of a few personality types, but looks at individual details that make you unique. We give you a personality type too, but we also take account of thousands of factors that lie behind your unique personality and behavior.

A professional personality test

Why a DISC personality test?

The personality profiling system behind Your Free Personality Test is known as DISC (from the core factors it measures: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance). It's a well established test widely used across the world, producing revealing results across all aspects of your personality. DISC is a familiar tool in HR departments worldwide, so your personality report isn't just fascinating in its own right, but also potentially useful in landing a new job!

Instant and accessible results

Instant and accessible results

Your Free Personality Test is easy and quick, building a picture of your personality based on just twenty-four questions. As soon as you've finished answering the personality questionnaire - which usually takes no more than about ten minutes - you'll be able to see your results instantly. So why wait? Take our free, no-obligation test and right now and see what it can tell you about yourself.